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2005-05-11, 06:34
FYI: A new version of EAC (V0.95 beta 1) has been released.



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Subject: [eac-announce] New EAC Version
Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 04:07:00 +0200
From: Andre Wiethoff <eac (AT) exactaudiocopy (DOT) de>
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From the What's New page :

It took quite some time until this new version but I had to write my
diploma thesis inbetween...
Stability should have greatly improved and there are some nice new
features and some options people have requested. As a new additional
feature there is now the possibility to use CDRDAO for writing CDs from
EACs layout editor (like burnatonce), hope this will improve
compatibility with most writers. Again, read more in the "News.rtf" file.
There is an archive with only EAC and a second one that also includes
the CDRDAO package for easy download. In a few days, if everything works
out, there will be also an windows installer package to make
installation as easy as possible for beginners.

Hope you will like it!

cu, Andre