View Full Version : more on the Itunes music folder on the slimserver

2005-05-09, 19:32
Here is what I am seeing
I have Itunes on a different machine than the slimserver. This is so that I
can use the large drive connected to that computer to store the music and
use Itunes locally on the computer. The XMl file is located in the usual
mymusic folder.

Itunes XML file has the files located here

localhost/H:/iTunes/iTunes music folder

On the slimserver computer, I have use Itunes activated, I have the itunes
music folder directed to
\\itunescomputer\itunescomputer_h\itunes\itunes music folder
The itunes playlist file is directed to the folder containing the XML file

I can open the playlists and all the correct playlists from Itunes are
present. In each playlist the correct songs are present. When I try to play
a song, the SB reports it can't find the file and stops.

The location of the song when opened on the slimserver playlist is noted as
file:///H:/iTunes/iTunes music folder/John Coltrane/My Favorite Things/01 My
Favorite Things.mp3

The Debug reports on rescan
0(Single)/01%20Hella%20Good.mp3/ to

when trying to play the song it reports
0Tenors%20In%20Concert/03%20Tosca_%20Recondita%20armonia.mp3] - skipping!

Note that the slimserver computer doesn't have a H drive

Is it possible that the translation of the file on the rescan is incorrect
and that it should be translated to what is set in the slimserver itunes
music folder (\\itunescomputer\itunescomputer_h\itunes\itunes music folder)
rather than the folder (///H:/iTunes/iTunes%20music%20folder/)on the H

I tried to edit all the songs in the XML file to read the same as the
slimserver music folder (\\itunescomputer\itunescomputer_h\itunes\itunes
music folder) replacing the "localhost", but itunes reverts it back to the

Is there a way to change the translation on the slimserver?