View Full Version : Duplicated Tags after editing?? Help please!

2005-05-09, 05:36
After searching on here I downloaded Mp3tag v.2.30 to clean up my FLAC tags. In most cases I had duplicate genre listings due to capitalisation issues. Sorted all of these in Mp3tag and then saved them.

Got slimserver to rescan but it is now displaying duplicates for all those I edited?? Ie. where I had a genre "Chill out" and "Chill Out" I altered all tags for the first to the second. Slimserver is still displaying "Chill out" with the music that was tagged as such before, as well as displaying them correctly in "Chill Out". Likewise say for artists such as "David bowie" and "David Bowie".

Re-loading the tags into Mp3tag I can only see the correceted capitalised version so not sure what slimserver is seeing.

I'm sure it is some error on my part but can anyone provide any adivce on how I can sort this please?


Patrick Dixon
2005-05-09, 06:35
Server Settings -> Performance -> Wipe Cache.

2005-05-09, 06:59
Thanks Patrick - sorted now