View Full Version : squeeze box 2 digi coax droping out

2005-05-07, 23:52
i have had the squeeze box 2 for 3 weeks and today for some reason the digi coax has started acting up i have checked the cable on other gear and gave the digital optical a try and it works fine it's like the reciver is not locking but why would it start doing this today 3 weeks latter im using very good cables and good gear "marantz sr8400" custom made "digital seiral cables"
i have looked through the fourm and tried every thing any help greatly aprecated

ps "i dont want to use the optical"

2005-05-09, 17:10
does any one have any ideas

2005-05-10, 04:49

Take a look at this thread http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=13623

You may have the "electrical problem".

I also have a sync problem when using the coaxial output from my SB2 to an outboard DAC. The DAC received power from my receiver's switched AC socket and would not sync up when I powered up the receiver and DAC. My work around was to power the DAC from a non-switched AC source and leave it on all the time and now it stays in sync.