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2005-05-07, 15:32
I've just picked up a second-hand squeezebox1 and have got it up and running (the signal does drop out from the thing occasionally, however).

It seem like generally a great product.

A few questions/comments:

1) It would be great if the forum had a SB1 section, or if there were a seprate SB1 FAQ. Its frustrating that slimserver and the slim devices website provide only SB2 help info that may or may not actually help me.

2) Perhaps because of this I'm compelled to what should be a very FAQ-type question. Sorry, but apparently I'm tech-semi-literate. How (step-by-step) do I get web radio stations bookmarked or otherwise remembered on/for my SB1? Especially, how do I produce a playlist file containing the location(s), and in what directory do I put it? (the folder slimserver/server/playlists doesn't seems to be the place to put these).

Thanks for any help.

2005-05-07, 15:43
The software running both Squeezebox1 and SB2 are the same, SlimServer. This
same software handles your radio playlists, so there is no difference in what
must be done for either, and what must be said in support for either. Just
becuase you see SB2 mentioned, does not mean it doesn't apply to SB1.

the applicable information for making a playlist can be found here:

you can also enter a single radio station from teh help section, in the Internet
Radio link of the web interface.

good luck!


2005-05-07, 17:59
Hmmm. I really don't mean to be obtuse; but the link you post sends me to a section called: "How do I set up Squeezebox2 with a Psion Wavefinder?" that seems to have something to do with setting up steaming radio if you have a PsionWavefinder, and that requires you to start by downloading DABBAR, a program for controlling a Psion Wave finder.

Am I supposed look at this section and extract the parts of it that pertain to normal (non Psion) streaming and follow those instructions? Should I start with step 4 perhaps, skipping the install of DABBAR?

Also, some instructions like, "Now move this newly created file into your playlist directory on your SlimServer" are unclear. What directory is this? slimserver/server/playlists? .pls files I put there so far don't seem to have shown up on the squeezebox or the slimserver interface. Do I have to somehow use the slimplayer interface to put these files into this directory, or just the usual windows drag and drop?

Sorry to be such an annoying newb, but I do think that this FAQ is not as clear as it might be here. Thanks again for your help, and apologies for being so helplessly confused.

2005-05-08, 07:51
Ok, let me try to put my question more simply:

.pls files I put in C:\Program Files\SlimServer\server\playlists don't show in Slimserver under "playlists" or when I go to "playlists" on the squeezebox itself. (all I get are CDDB, MP3, and SHOUTCAST menus to choose from).

Where do I put a .pls file so that it acutually shows up as a playlist?


2005-05-08, 08:07

go to the slimserver home page. Under the settings menu - select 'server settings'. You will then see an entry labelled 'playlists folder'. Type in the path of the directory where you want to save the playlists and select change. You may then need to 'rescan' (on the same settings page) to ensure that all your playlists are picked up. They will then appear in the Browse Playlists menus.

While you're at it - have a look around the server settings menu tree and player settings menu tree. Most of the entries are self explanatory, and familiarisation with the way you can tailor slimserver to your needs will save you time later.



2005-05-08, 08:39
Many thanks for the patience and advice. Somehow I'd missed that config menu. All's now clear and working nicely. I must say that I'm so far very impressed with this excellent little device!

2005-05-08, 11:05
Quoting washburn <washburn.1opx5n (AT) no-mx (DOT) forums.slimdevices.com>:

> Where do I put a .pls file so that it acutually shows up as a
> playlist?
server settings (link from main page of slimserver web interface) has an option
for setting the playlists folder. set that to what you want, and put your
playlist files there.