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2005-05-07, 07:27
The FAQ covers this issue if the drive where the music folder is a network
drive. You may need to use the actual drive name, not the drive letter that
it is mapped to. It would be a nice addition to the interface if it browsed
for the drive for the music folder.

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Ok, so here was my problem. I installed slim server and it would read
my iTunes music library fine. I would then restart my system and slim
would stop picking up my changes in iTunes. I then tried wiping the
cache and rescanning an slim would come back with 0 artists, 0 albums,
0 songs. I would reinstall and it would read the library again.

Turns out slim.exe seems to have a problem running as a service on my
machine. Whenever I launch it as a service it can't read the music
library. If I stop the service and launch it as a regular program
everything updates fine. Is anyone else having this problem? Are you
running XP Service Pack 2?

For the record my setup:

Windows XP SP2
P4 2.53GHz
1 GB Memory
Two Disks (C:111GB D: 228GB)

SqueezeBox one squeeze box connected over wired 100Mbps network

iTunes Settings:
Music Folder D:\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music
Keep iTunes Music folder organized is checked
Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding to library is checked
Library has 8539 songs, 312 Artists, and 583 Albums 44.88GB
Most songs are mp3, though I have about 200 AAC files.

Slim Server:
Version 6.0.2
Server Settings:
Language: English
Music Folder: Blank
Playlists Folder: Blank
iTunes: User iTunes
iTunes Reload Interval: 60
Ignore Songs Disabled in iTunes: Ignore songs unchecked in
Find iTunes Library Automatically: Find iTunes Library
Automatically (though I have tried Specify iTunes Library Locations
without any change)
iTunes Music Library.xml Location: D:\My
Music\iTunes\iTunes Music Library.xml
iTunes Music Folder: D:\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music
iTunes Playlist Format: Prefix: iTunes:
Load Plugins at startup Only
Datetime Screensaver - Active
Rescan Music Library - Active
Save Playlist - Active
iTunes Active
All other plugins disabled.
All other slim settings are default.


2005-05-07, 08:15
The thing is it is not a network drive. The music folder lives on my local D drive. I think the enhanced SP2 security may prevent services from accessing certain files, but that is just a guess.