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2005-05-06, 15:33

I thought I'd give AlienBBC a whirl but unfortunately I'm getting mixed results. It appears to work sometimes but not all the time. And I've never got any sound out of SoftSqueeze.

I'm running Fedora Core 3, with the latest slimserver from SVN (Rev. 3142).

I have the following mplayer RPMs installed:


I downloaded alienbbc_0.97.tar.gz and extracted it to the Plugins folder, changing permissions to the slimserver user.

I then enabled the plugin and can browse all the BBC stations.

However, I don't get any sound.

I've started slimserver with --d_source --d_remotestream and this is what I see in the log:

[see attached files]

Can anyone help me get this working?



2005-05-06, 15:42
One thought...

The troubleshooting guide at mrtickle.org makes reference to transcoder_proxy.pl. I don't have this file anywhere on my system. Is this a hangover from alienstream days? Do I need transcoder_proxy.pl?


2005-05-06, 16:24
I've been through this process before on the same setup (FC3), and I found some problems with the RPMs I had. Forget about transcoder_proxy.pl: you correctly state that it's part of alienstream.

If you look in your log, you should be able to find the mplayer command it's running. It looks like it might be:
/usr/local/slimserver/Bin/mplayer.sh" -really-quiet -vo null -cache 128 -a
f resample=44100:0:1 -ao pcm -aofile /dev/fd/3 "rtsp://rmlivev8.bbc.net.uk/farm/
*/ev7/live24/radio2/live/r2_dsat_g2.ra?title=\"BBC Radio 2\"

... although I'm not sure why it's running an mplayer shell script from the slimserver directory: you probably don't need to do that when following this advice.

Try running it from the command line. Strip out all the stuff about 'really quiet' and the '-aofile /dev/fd/3' (Audio output to file, to some device). You should be able to get to the stage where it connects, and even plays the radio station through the speakers on your PC. Otherwise it will give you the error, which is probably about codecs.

I've noticed that in my setup (I did this a while ago, and I've forgotten what I did!), I've got the codecs in /usr/lib/win32, and a link /usr/lib/codecs to that directory. I seem to remember reading something on the net about this: check where the RPMs have put the codecs because I think mplayer is fussy.

Hope that helps!

Patrick Dixon
2005-05-07, 00:49
I've installed AlienBBC a number of times now on FC3 without a problem. I'm using:

slimserver-6.0.2-1.noarch.rpm (the latest released version)
mplayer-1.0pre6-1.i386.rpm (can't remember the link to this)

As su, I install the rpms,

rpm -ihv /pathto/slimserver-6.0.2-1.noarch.rpm
rpm -ihv /pathto/lame-3.96.1-2.1.fc3.rf.i386.rpm
rpm -ihv /pathto/mplayer-1.0pre6-1.i386.rpm
rpm -ihv /pathto/mplayer-codecs-essential-20041107-1.i386.rpm

slimserver will get located in /usr/local/slimserver, so

cd /usr/local/slimserver
tar -zxvf /pathto/alienbbc_0.97.linux.tar.gz

then restart the service

service slimserver restart

[EDIT: forgot lame]