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2005-05-06, 12:38
I've only had my SB2 for a day now but I seem to have encountered something that's completely at odds with how I want the player to work (of course I could be being stupid and missing something obvious)...

I can't remember the name of the song I want to play, but I do know the name of the Album and/or Artist and/or the directory it resides in...

So using search or browse I find the Album/Artist/Directory, locate the song and press play/add...
I now expect the playlist to contain the song, but what happens instead is my play list now contains every song on the album or by the artist or in the directory...

Is there any way of just playing or adding a single song to the playlist having found the song by browsing?.

From a user interface pov it seems to me that if the name of a song is shown then pressing play should just play that song. If I want to play the whole album then I press play whilst the album name is shown, same for artist, directory etc.

many thanks

2005-05-06, 12:45
server settings -> behavior -> Play other songs in album

choose from:

Play other songs in album or directory
Play only selected song

2005-05-06, 13:03
Excellent - many thanks.

I knew stupidity would be the problem, it's too basic a function not to work :)