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2005-05-06, 11:30
My SB2 finally arrived this evening. I plugged it in, it talked me through the setup process and then worked. Very nice! Thanks to all who make this thing happen.

I have a couple of questions now that I've used a real Squeezebox for the first time. This list may well grow, but I assume noone will mind.

1) Is there a way of zapping everything but the currently playing song from the play list, or of replacing everything but the current song on the play list? I keep adding a load of tracks, then changing my mind so want to add totally different things to play next whilst leaving the current song playing.

2) Does the SB2 need saving i.e. can it be damaged by displaying the same content continuously? I'm using the RSS screensaver at the moment but have noticed that it constantly displays the feed sourcce on the top line. I only have one feed, so this never changes for the whole time that the SB2 is off.

That's it for now!



2005-05-06, 11:58
Quoting "max.spicer" <max.spicer.1omi0b (AT) no-mx (DOT) forums.slimdevices.com>:
> 1) its all or nothing for now.

> 2) VFD's do suffer burn-in, but for practical purposes it really isn't a huge
concern. When Dean has spoken of this issue, he's mentioned that there has not
been a single report of any burn in on any Slim Devices product, going back
through SliMP3. You would probably have to leave it on the same screen for


2005-05-06, 12:37
actually, number 1 is a feature request: