View Full Version : Napster to go

2005-05-06, 06:45
Any way of streaming napster to go content to the squeezebox 2?

2005-11-13, 08:17
I've been asking for the ability to stream Napster Music to my Squeezebox for 2 years. It's unlikely that anything will happen so don't hold your breath!

2005-11-13, 16:01
This type of feature is listed as one of their top priorites. With WMA being decoded directly by SqueezeBox 2, the only obstacle left is a licensing agreement. I wouldn't be too surprised to see something soon.

2005-11-13, 17:57
Over on AVSForum, Sean posted that native WMA support is the first step toward eventually supporting certain music services. I've got my fingers crossed.

2006-10-03, 03:15
I don't think WMA support is the point. I think all that needs to be done is for Slimserver to be able to intercept the audio being streamed and send it to the Squeezebox.

2006-10-03, 08:00
slimserver then wouldn't have control over the stream. There will legal implications to that method as well.