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2005-05-05, 22:12
Is there a web-interface out there for creating playlists? I've always listened to my mp3's via WinAmp, with the actual mp3 files located on a freebsd Samba server (where I've now installed the SlimServer software as well). Obviously, the paths aren't matching up between where my windows box sees the mp3 files, and where they actually reside on the freebsd box.

Since I really don't care to try and explain using 'sed' to my wife (much less a unix shell), I was hoping there might be some sort of web-interface in the SlimServer software that would allow creation of playlists (not just the "add to the playlist" function, something that would let the user create/manage distinct lists).

2005-05-05, 22:46
I just noticed the "Playlists Folder" under server-settings. After a quick restart, now there's a "Save" option for the current playlist, and that'll work just fine.