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2005-05-04, 15:34
Call me a moron, but I'm totally baffled as to why I can get no sound from iTunes connected to my streaming SlimServer 6.02. iTunes shows an updating elapsed time and that it is playing, but there is no sound.

iTunes plays other media and streaming stations fine.

Any help?

2005-05-04, 15:45
once you start playing from iTunes, the server will create a streaming player.
iTunes does not send any other commands to the server, so you will still need
to go into the slimserver web interface, create a playlist and start playback
from there. Until you do that, iTunes will think it is playing, but with no


2005-05-04, 16:00
Thanks, but that wasn't the problem. I had a playlist already configured, and "playing".

I figured out that I needed to install the lame.exe and lame_enc.dll files to get the conversion. Without those, nothing plays, and player on the server side web interface always shows as stopped.

Install lame, and it all works.

I think this needs to be documented better.

2005-05-04, 16:07
Quoting MrC <MrC.1oj56c (AT) no-mx (DOT) forums.slimdevices.com>:

> I think this needs to be documented better.
where did you look for information when setting up?