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Jack Coates
2005-05-02, 12:41
Hi all,

I've finally gotten around to setting up Icecast to stream the audio
from my server's sound card, which is part of an evil plan to make
Slimserver play real radio as well as Internet radio. The final step
will be a Slimserver plugin to do the tuning control.

Unfortunately, I've hit a snag: the simple USB-controlled radios that I
was planning to use for the next step of this project are no longer
available in the States. I'm thinking of things like the D-Link DSB-R100
or AverMedia USB Radio -- just an FM receiver with a USB interface for
power and tuning commands, then a 2.5 mm line out for my sound card.

This is for a Linux server so the Griffin Radio Shark won't work
(besides being pricey for what I want to do, but I can overlook that if
someone's made this device work on Linux).

I'm not okay with a WinTV-type video capture card, as I'm out of PCI
slots; besides, I don't want video, I want radio, and dropping $150 on
an external PVR unit so I can use the radio functions of it is kinda nuts.

So, anyone seen a radio like what I'm looking for? Got a used one you're
willing to sell to me?

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