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2005-05-02, 06:59
I'm seeing this problem with both 2005-05-01 nightly of 6.1.x branch and with 6.0.3 release (non-nightly?)

First, a bit of background info: I have slimserver running on my PPC linkstation and I have over 12000 MP3s (900 albums) with 131 "Various Artists" albums. 23 of those albums also have the "Jazz" genre.

Now what works properly: I have some music playing. I browse by artist, go to the "Various Artists" entry and click on the link. My 131 albums show up in a few seconds with no interruption in the music.

What doesn't work: I have some music playing. I browse by genre, go to the "Jazz" entry and click on the link. All my Jazz artists show up. I go to the "Various Artists" and click on the link. The web interface just sits there. Within 20 seconds, the music stops playing, my Linkstation's CPU is pinned at 100% for about 7 minutes before I get control back, showing the 23 albums (!) and the music slowly starts to play again (1 second on, 1 second off for a while) until everything returns to normal.

There seems to be something wrong here. Also, I would prefer to have the "Browse by Genre" selection show me albums instead of artists when selecting a genre. Would it be very difficult to have some way of selecting one way or another? (genre->artist & genre->album) either as a server setting or some kind of radio button in the browse by genre page? (I'm also guessing that showing the albums instead of the artists, would solve this problem too...) :-)

Thanks for any feedback,

2005-05-03, 01:11
Now that I'm reading this - I also noticed those lags when browsing
through genres, browsing artists and albums seems to be much faster.

I haven't done any extensive tests yet ...


SlimServer Version: 6.0.2 - 3085 with 22k songs | Pentium III, 800 MHz, 384 MB