View Full Version : Accessible thru firewall?

2005-04-30, 20:26
Hi. I am on a college campus on their dormitory network. I tried using a few plugins on Winamp to directly control which music I wanted to hear, but the school's firewall, their NAT stuff, and port blocking prevented that. I was wondering if this program, SlimServer, would be able to work through that.

I am able to use ShoutCast to stream the music, but part of what I want is to pick which songs I want to hear and then have that stream.

Thank you.

Aaron Zinck
2005-05-01, 12:14
It depends on how sophisticated the firewall is and what ports they block.
The easiest thing would be to just try it. If you can find even just one
open port then you could use softsqueeze over SSH.