View Full Version : External CUE sheet counted as "song" in database

David Zuckerman
2005-04-28, 12:38
I've noticed that the song count is still off when running the 6.0.2
release, and I think I've discovered a problem -- an external CUE sheet is
being counted as a song.

To test this, I put one 14-track album in my music folder (14 FLAC files and
an external CUE sheet generated by EAC) and wiped the cache. SS reported
there is one album by one artist with 15 songs.

I then moved the CUE sheet out of the directory and wiped the cache again.
SS then gets the song count right. I put the CUE sheet back in, wiped
again, and it jumped to 15 again.

I'm running the 6.0.2 release on FreeBSD 5.3.

Anyone else seeing this problem? Should I file a bug?