View Full Version : problem with PLAY

2005-04-27, 19:17
When I select a song from an album which is not the first song on this album, and then hit the play button on the remote, then the first song will always be played. If I then hit Next, the first song will beplayed again. The only way to get through to the second song is to listen to the first song through to its end. Has anyone seen such a problem and knows how to solve it?

Here are some details about my system: I use the released 6.02 SlimServer on an Windows XP/SP2 PC. The player is a SB2 with firmware 11. I had the same problem with previous SW releases.
The SlimServer's SQL database info about the songs is always correct; i.e., it indicates the correct file and offset of the song in the file. All music is in the form of WAV files and all tags are in CUE files (one per wave file).

Thanks in advance for any help,