View Full Version : Jumpy displayon 'browse albums'

John Gorst
2005-04-26, 11:19
Nice feature having the artist next to the album in the browse album

However it seems to have introduced a bug. The display seems to jump as
it scrolls if there is a title that doesnt fit on one line. This only
occurs in the 'browse album' view and not for example the 'browse
artist' or 'now playing'.

The CPU usage (when playing an mp3) is 5% and scroll 'browse artists',
but when 'browse album' the cpu useage is 20%.

I ahve my scroll rate and scroll pixels set to a high rate (0.04 and 2
respectively). The jumpiness does dissapear if I rest to default values
- but I cant live with the default values as it just looks awful! This
definetly seems like a bug in the browse album code rather than due to
high quality scrolling setting on my underpowered system (honestly!)

SB1G via wireless bridge (11g)
Mandrake Linux 10
Slimserver 6.1nightly 26/4
Celeron 633
(was previously using 12/4/5 6.1 nightly wihtout this problem).

Filed a s bug no 1143