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2005-04-26, 07:13
I downloaded the trial for Telcanto onto an AXIM X30 yesterday and I have a question about it.

I prefer to browse per my music folder as opposed to by Album, Artist, Genre, etc.

The problem that I have while browsing my music folder, that I do not have while browsing my library by artist, album, genre, etc., is that it will not go down to a per song level.

My Directory is as follows:

F:/Music (for MP3's)
or FLAC (for FLAC) these are two folders within the F: Drive

Then there are folders within each of these folders for each artist, within these folders are album folders by each artist, and within those folders are the songs on each album.

While browsing with TelCanto, I hit the Music Folder, it expands and shows the artists, I hit an artist, it expands and shows the albums, when I hit an album it will not expand and show the songs?

If I hit an album in the album browsing list it does show the individual songs and the album cover art?

Any idea how to tweak this so it will display on a per song level while browsing my music folders?

Also, is there any way to browse Album art on telcanto? Or do you need to select an album before it will show up?

Thanks for any assistance you may provide.

Jim Dibb
2005-04-26, 07:28
Hi, I had another thread on TelCanto earlier and got this link to a
forum specifically about TelCanto where you may get a better answer.

On 4/26/05, bjmacdow <bjmacdow.1o3naz (AT) no-mx (DOT) forums.slimdevices.com> wrote:
> I downloaded the trial for Telcanto onto an AXIM X30 yesterday and I
> have a question about it.

2005-04-27, 14:31
Thanks Jim. As I think about it, it may be because I have it set up as follows: drive/A SELECTION OF TWO DIFFERENT FOLDERS (FLAC & MUSIC)/Artists/Albums/Tracks

If I got rid of the two different folders within the drive, I am thinking that it will expand down to the track level.

I think it can only expand down four levels, and the fifth division that I have when browsing this way is not supported by TelCanto. I will check the forum you suggested though.