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Robert Jennings
2005-04-25, 10:38
Has anybody on the list install pluto[1] . It is open source and has a
slimserver plugin so I suspect someone here has used it.

You can buy their hardware or download a DIY (linux) kit.

What are the general experiences and how well does it integrate with
slmserver and squeezeboxen ?

The forums look good and seem to be updated by the company fairly

Any experiences ?

[1] http://plutohome.com

P.S. I have no affiliates with plutohome

2005-08-16, 03:40
based on this posting I been lurking about on the pluto forums and reading up on it - it looks really promising.

has anybody here actually tried to install it and take it for a spin - I'm consiering it for finally getting mythtv up and running.


2005-08-16, 04:41
Yes, but you have any affiliations? ;-)

P.S. I have no affiliates with plutohome