View Full Version : Imported Playlists?

2005-04-25, 06:48

I have been trying to do two things regarding importing playlists into Slimserver, but they don't seem to be working.

First, I tried to export a J-River Media Center 10, playlist to my SlimServer playlist folder. I save it as a M3u file, and it saves in my playlist folder, but Slimserver doesn't seem to see it (even if I do a rescan of my music folder).

2nd, I tried to save radio 2JJJ (the stream: http://www.abc.net.au/streaming/triplej.asx) as a playlist. I can play this stream perfectly if I manually enter it into the slimserver, but when I save it to my Playlist folder, slimserver doesn't seem to see it.

When I create a playlist from the Squeezebox2, it saves it correctly on my playlist folder, and I can reach it again, but this doesn't work when I try to export or create a playlist from notepad (and save as .m3u. The text inside the file seems correct (although it has seperate lines for each song).

Anyone have ideas?

2005-04-25, 13:20
Well, I think I've solved the problem, and it seems to be related to my Slimserver not updating the music library properly.

I had a similar issue where, when I changed the names of song titles or Albums (due to spelling errors or other issues) Slimserver may not update properly (especially by also leaving the old spelling in the artist lists)

I have had to uninstall Slimserver, delete the folder, and reinstall the latest build (6.1.0) and only then did everything come up.

Havn't had time to actually check if they work yet, as I had to leave home just after slimserver scanned all of my music and playlist folder.