View Full Version : SB1G sees Slimserver, but Slimp3 doesn't

Pale Blue Ego
2005-04-24, 17:57
I'm running SlimServer 5.41 on Linux (Mepis 3.3). I just converted the server from Win2k. My Squeezebox1 Graphic found the server right away, but I cannot get the Slimp3 to recognize the server. Firmware on the SB1G is 40, on the Slimp3, it's 2.2. Any ideas? The Slimp3 is definitely connecting with the router (Netgear FVS318). All connections are wired with Cat5.


It's a firewall issue with GuardDog on Linux.


Yeesh, I'm having trouble allowing the Slimp3 connection through GuardDog. Can anyone help with this?