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Stuart Cooper
2005-04-24, 14:17
Ooops - not sure how I missed replying to you Bruce. Very sorry about that.
I do try to reply to very single email usually.

I have been sending an awful lot of individual emails of late though, as
well as newsletters - you're down as "unsubscribed" at the moment; if I can
subscribe you, you'll get the newsletter updates. I'd hope to get your unit
shipped from the next batch to hit the UK though.


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Quoting Bruce Hartley <Bruce.Hartley.1o0e6b (AT) no-mx (DOT) forums.slimdevices.com>:

> I order a wireless black squeezebox 2 on 11th March.
> Still no sign?
> Is availability really this bad?????

probably demand has been just THAT good

> I'd happily take a wired one, if that's all that is available.
> No response to emails to multitask, but I guess they are overwhelmed
> by people like me hassling them.
> Anyone got any news?

Shipments were backlogged due to orders. Slim Devices has posted here sayign
they expected to have those backlogs cleared up in the next couple weeks.
This would mean we are now nearing that time. However, shipment time to the
UK has to be factored in, and the MultiTask would have to deal with their
back orders in sequence. Usually they are very responsive, even in these
Hopefully Stuart can provide more updated information.


Bruce Hartley
2005-04-25, 11:29
I've now subscribed to the product newsletter, so I guess that will keep me up to date.

Here's looking forward to a new squeezebox very soon.