View Full Version : upgrading from firmware revision 10

2005-04-24, 11:30
The SB2 firmware image in the 6.0.2 nightly build has been bumped to
revision 11 and the image in the 6.1 nightly has been bumped to 12.
These revisions now include a fix for a problem connecting to certain
3Com access points.

If you are running firmware 10, which has been included in the 6.1
nightlies for the last week or so, you may run into a problem upgrading
to either of the new firmware revisions. The firmware upgrade progress
bar will get to 100%, but the machine will not reboot. You will have to
press and hold the Power button for the firmware revision to take.

Again, this is ONLY if you are running the 6.1 (unstable) development
nightly builds. If you are running 6.0.1 or the 6.0.2 nightly build, the
upgrade process should be smooth.