View Full Version : OGG Files Skipping?

2005-04-22, 06:18
I just installed my new SB2 Wireless and have experienced my OGG files sometimes "skipping" while MP3 haven't done this. Is the OGG streaming possibly running out of bandwidth on my 802.11b wireless network?


Aaron Zinck
2005-04-22, 08:20
If you have your player set to "no limit" then OGG is being streamed as FLAC
so it's likely that either your 802.11b network can't handle the much higher
bandwidth requirements of FLAC or, if you're running this on a real old
computer, it may not be able to keep up with the transcoding from OGG to
FLAC. I'd put my money on the bandwidth issue since most folks have
reported fairly low processor demands for the transcoding.

If it is the bandwidth then you'll need to work on improving your wireless
reception (perhaps an upgrade to G is in order?) or you could turn on
bitrate limiting and suffer a (slight) loss in audio quality by
recompressing to MP3.

2005-04-22, 09:14
My Slim Server is running on Dell XPS G2 system with 1 GB RAM, RAIDED SATA drives so I have plenty of cpu. I will play around with limiting the bit rate to see if the problem goes away. If so, I will upgrade to 802.11g.