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2005-04-22, 01:47
Hi Dean, kdf, Michael.

Thanks a lot for your help
I will get it a try on Monday. Eventually I will be back. Hopefully not :-)

Kind Regards
Tore Johnsson

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On Fri, 22 Apr 2005 10:28:35 +0200, Tore Johnsson <tore (AT) torejohnsson (DOT) se>

> Just clearify:
> When the player gives the message "Lost contact with ....." and
> simultaneously the web log file (on computer) "cant find the page" - is
> that not a craxh?

No, this is most probably a plugin you've activated _after_ the server
start, or simple a false written address. On the browser you'd receive
something like "page not found"

> "may have gotten caught up in a process for longer than you wanted?" I
> have set network - timeout to 300 seconds.

That might be the problem: the timeout defines the time the process should
try to finish its task. During this period other tasks will wait for the
first to finish. If you define 300 seconds, the other tasks will have to
wait up to 5 minutes - which will cause the music to stop, the player to
lose contact to the server and the display to go blank. Maybe it has not
even crashed but would work again after 5 minutes.

Reduce the timeout to 15-30 seconds and try again.

> What more should I do to get version 6.xxx running as I have written

As kdf said try running the server from the command line. It would print
error messages. Open a command line and enter
C:\program files\slimserver\server\slim.exe



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