View Full Version : Problem Playing Long Playlist in 6.0.1 (was Most Stable)

Todd Fields
2005-04-20, 12:11
--- Ben Gladstone <bgladstone (AT) steadytech (DOT) com> wrote:
> what is currently the most stable, bug-free build? 5.4.1 or
> 6.0.1?

6.0.1 has been fairly stable for me. The only time it gives me
trouble is when I play a long playlist that has 2,700 tracks (my
total collection is roughly 13,000 songs) in shuffle mode. All
are farily high bitrate VBR MP3's. It takes about 15 to 30
seconds to shuffle it and during that time I sometimes get a
"player has lost contact with SlimServer" message. When the
player finally shows the first song to be played it shows the
track as "Now Playing" however it acts as though it is really
paused (i.e. nothing plays until I get the remote and hit the
play button.)

The problem has persisted since upgrading to 6.0. Also, I only
play this playlist in shuffle mode so I have not tried playing
it with shuffle off to see if the problem goes away (this just
ocurred to me) but I will try that tonight.

I have a dedicated PC for SlimServer. It has an AMD Athlon XP
2700+ processor, 1GB RAM and is running Windows XP Pro.