View Full Version : Feature Request: Log stream metadata on request...

Brian R. Swan
2005-04-18, 10:47
Hey guys,

I searched through the change log and didn't see anything like this, so
If this already exists, I apologize.

Any how, I had some people over the other night, and we were listening
to a shoutcast radio stream. A song came on that I liked, so I went
and wrote down the artist and name of the song. A buddy of mine (who
also has a Slimp3) came over to see what I was doing. He mentioned
that it would be cool if you could press a button on the remote, and
have it log the current stream metadata to a log file somewhere. What
a great idea! :)

So, my feature request is, when playing an internet radio stream, can
a button be added to dump whatever the current metadata for the playing
stream to a file? An enhancement to this, might be to add a link in
the web interface to view the log.