View Full Version : SB2 - WOW!

Chris Glushko
2005-04-18, 07:36
Upon receivig my SqueezeboxG, I was overjoyed with the
gadget but deep down inside I had issues with it that
I didn't want to admit:

- The sound through the analog outs was amazingly flat
and not very strong.

- I store my files in Apple Lossless and used to cross
my fingers every time a track would change so I didn't
get a drop/skip.

- Even with a wired model, I could always count on
skips due to buffer underrun 1-2 times for every 5
minutes of music or so.

Luckily, I had my SBG for less than 30 days at the
time the SB2 was announced and since I couldn't get
the SBG to playback lossless audio without drops, the
guys at Slim accepted my return.

Now with the SB2:

- the audio is awesome out of the analog outs. The
music sounds vibrant and colorful and the output level
is at or better than my other components.

- The transcoding from Apple Lossless to FLAC is
flawless and only uses 1-4 percent of my CPU. Tracks
line up perfectly and there is no audible pop/clip/gap
between tracks.

- I now use the Wireless model (compared to the Wired
SBG) and I haven't had a dropout yet. In fact, I've
never seen the buffer drop below 100 percent yet.

I'm so happy as I have ZERO reservations about this
product as it works flawless. Hat's off to the guys
at slim!!!

- Chris

ps - Now if Slim will only get some sort of support
for Rhapsody.... (pretty please???)