View Full Version : Small problem with slimp3

Dr Spanner
2005-04-17, 12:50
I have a slimp3 connected to a wireless bridge and a squeeze box. Whenever I reboot my PC, the squeezebox is fine and as soon as the PC is on the squeezebox finds the slimp3 server and all is good.
The old slimp3, however has to be unplugged and plugged back in, I then have to "forget this player" on the player that it defaulted to after the PC rebooted.

It's not a major problem but is slightly annoying. Any ideas?

By the way, hello to you all, I'm new to this forum.

2005-04-17, 13:25

first off, do you have firmware v2.3 on the slimp3? if not, please try to
upgrade. Instructions would be an your manual and the firmware is included as
MAIN.HEX with every version of the server.

After you reboot, does using the remote give you the server not found message,
or does it trigger the slimp3 to respond properly?

I'm stumped as to why you'd have to forget player. Each player should be
tracked by MAC address. Are you using DHCP? What version of slimserver are
you using right now?

I have a slimp3, 3SB's and a SqueezeBox2 in my home, and all reconnect when the
server is off for short periods. I have one of the Squeezeboxes that will
sometimes lose the wireless network after having no server for a long time and
it will take a few timeout cycles to reconnect to the wireless. I've never had
a problem with the slimp3, myself.


2005-04-17, 13:54
I have 2 SLIMP3s connected to WET11 bridges and they always reconnect without intervention after a server reboot. The firmware is v2.2 and server version 6.0.1 (although I didn't have any problems with v5 either).

The server is only rebooted about 2-3 times a year however...