View Full Version : SlimServer Overlooking Imported Songs on iTunes

2005-04-17, 10:59
About 85% of the songs I have on iTunes are those that I have imported from my CD collection with the following choices:

Import Using: MP3 Encoder
Setting: Higher Quality (192 kbps)

I am runing a Windows machine with:

Windows XP Pro - SP2
Pentium 1.33 Ghz
1 Gig Ram
2 - 80 Gig HD's with 40% space available on each

When I open SlimServer on my desktop, on several of these imported CD's, SlimServer is ignoring many of the songs. They do, however, show up on iTunes and I can play them on iTunes.

All of my CD's are original & commercially purchased, either at local stores or sites like Amazon.com.

Is anyone having this problem?
Are there any workarounds?

2005-04-17, 12:00
Do you have any of these song marked as disabled in iTunes?

Do any of the songs contain accented characters?