View Full Version : "complete mail quoting" makes some threads a pain to read

2005-04-17, 01:57
I really like the forum and think it is in general a great idea to support both: mailing lists and a modern forum.

What somehow lowers my happieness is that a measurable portion of the posts (probably coming from the mailing list interface) do add useless redundancy by quoting the complete previous post. Quoting is great for referencing certain parts of a mail. But when you quote the whole mail by just pressing the reply button of your e-mail client, you are generating lots of "quote spam" which doesn't cover any information not already there and makes the threads a real pain to read. Post in a thread are more than isolated mails. They are already referenced to the previous posts by their subject. There shouldn't be a need to repeat all the things the previous post said.

Is there a way to automatically purge "complete mail quoting" from the posts, at least in the forum branch?

2005-04-17, 02:37
Quoting docbee <docbee.1nmkpz (AT) no-mx (DOT) forums.slimdevices.com>:

> Hi,
> I really like the forum and think it is in general a great idea to
> support both: mailing lists and a modern forum.
> What somehow lowers my happieness is that a measurable..

ah yes, I was wondering how long it would take for the nettiquete police to
start kickig in from all sides...

meanwhile...I've been spending twice as much time having to hunt down the past
info for posts that DONT quote. but dont mind me, I'm not important...and of
course i'm not complaing. no, I've been trained well enough....no complaining
from contributors..nope, no way....


Patrick Dixon
2005-04-17, 04:18
It's kind-of difficult to understand the mail-list vs web forum other-person's perspective without looking over that other-person's shoulder, but I can't believe that the time spent in searching for what the reply relates to is easily saved by not having to scroll through loads of previous, nested, quoted posts to find that all-important new comment ;-)

Personally, I think the current approach is probably the best compromise you're going to get. docbee doesn't actually advocate not quoting at all - just only quoting the relevant bits. The fact that on the web forum the quoted stuff is in different colours, makes the whole thing much easier to read for me than the mail list I was on before (no doubt that's because I'm using the wrong mail client) - so I'm not complaining either way!

"...no complaining
from contributors..nope, no way...."

I certainly really appreciate your contribution, but as a contributor to many other product concepts, developments and designs over the past 25 years, I find it's often worth reminding oneself that without any users or customers (pain-in-the-arse that they often are), there really isn't much point in making that contribution in the first place ;-)

So, I guess to sum it up, a little less verbatium quoting from the email brigade, and a bit more from the web forum brigade - then we'd all be happy ... -ish. Would that be about right?

2005-04-17, 05:23
I am just grateful we have this forum. I could not get on with the mailing list and in my ideal world everyone would just use this fine forum software but I understand others like the mailing list format. At least we can now all communicate regardless of how we choose to do it, which is great ;)

By the way, any chance we could have smilies operational here? They can be a great way of making sure a comment is meant a certain way. Certainly helps improve communication when you are restricted to text though it obviously would not translate on the mailing list.

2005-04-17, 08:42
I can understand that the quoting style might be suitable for the maling list fraction. Therefore, I asked if this redundancy could be purged or surpressed when beeing displayed in the forum.

@kdf: This is just a remark and a question. I can't see any "police kicking in" and don't understand your complaining case. May be this is a kind of humor that doesn't reach me as a non native speaker.

Patrick Dixon
2005-04-17, 09:18
docbee, I don't think kdf's remark was aimed at you personally - it's just that there was a 'lot' of discussion prior to setting up this web forum (it was previously just a mail list), and many of those who contribute the most to slimserver were very happy with the way things used to be.

This forum wouldn't be quite as much use to the rest of us without the likes of kdf (and others) - 'cos they're the ones that answer all our stupid questions and mend all the things we break.

PS sold some more SqueezeBoxes for you guys today ...