View Full Version : Time to repoen bug 704?

2005-04-16, 12:12
I finally got around to installing SlimServer 6.0.1 (2895) and
have found that the "Rescan" still doesn't pick up new music,
at least under Windows 98. Browse Music Folder doesn't find
the new music either. (The music folder is on the same machine
as SlimServer.)

I installed 6.0.1 on my WinXP SP2 laptop, and neither rescan
nor Browse Music Folder find new music when using the same
library, when specified either as a mapped drive or as a UNC

I then switched the music folder on the XP server to a much
smaller local library, and rescan and Browse Music Folder seem
to be working; so this seems to be a problem with the Win98
file system, or SlimServer's interaction with it.

A couple of oddities with the WinXP install, after performing
a "wipe cache" to rebuild slimserversql.db:

1. The new library included the song that was stopped in the
player, i.e. on the Win98 machine, even though it's not in the
music folder.

2. slimserversql.db remained roughly the same size (~3400kb)
although it only contains 82 songs (vs. 1700 in the Win98
library). Wouldn't it be a good idea to clear away the old
file? Of course, this is an unusual case, since libraries
usually get larger, not smaller.

-:- dbls