View Full Version : Apple Lossless - User Genre Tags - 5.4

2005-04-16, 01:49
I'm sure this has come up before - but in a search the only thing I could find related to an itunes related problem.

I'm re-ripping using Apple Lossless. Slimserver 5.4 picks up everything fine, except the Genre Tags where I have typed my own Genre.

EG I use a genre of 'Jazz Vocal' or 'Indie'. These show up fine in iTunes - and I checked a couple in tag & rename. So I'm pretty sure the tage are getting into the files OK.

However in Slimserver these tracks show up as 'No Genre' in the genre brouse.

I've turned off the iTunes link on this (server) machine - since it slows stuff down and I'm really just using iTunes as a ripper.

2005-04-16, 01:51
Sorry - posted this in the wrong place (nt)