View Full Version : 5.4 -> 6.0 problems on Slackware 10

2005-04-14, 17:43
When I got my Squeezebox 1 I was able to get everything setup with no problems. However, since upgrading the server to 6.0.1 and using the new Softsqueeze I've had several problems.
My music library is a combination of FLAC and ogg which I (prefer to) stream as WAV. I often have the Squeezebox and Softsqueeze synchronized but not always.

I believe the first problem I had was that ogg files were getting decoded as AIFF and I'd get static through softsqueeze. I can't remember everything I've tried, but the best results I got (when it came to actually getting audio on all players) was to re-enable ogg->wav in convert.conf. However, now I get odd playlist behavior. The "now playing" song in both the server web interface and on the players (both squeezebox and softsqueeze) gets "stuck" on a song it played and stops updating even though new songs play. If I try to skip to the next song it will actually skip to the song that is after the "now playing" song and not the currently playing song. Also, the song progress indicators on both the squeezebox and softsqueeze are often wrong (bar will show 100% and the elasped time is way more than the length of th song).

I've gotten very tired of playing with settings, uninstalling and reinstalling so any help would be greatly appreciated.