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2005-04-14, 13:10
Anyone have a line on a very high quality power supply for the Squeezebox? I should be receiving an SB2 tomorrow to go with the current SB1 and I'd like to see what can be done with better power.

I'm not a DIYer, unfortunately.
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Tom Alves
2005-04-16, 04:50
I did for a while. I was lent one by someone on the Pink Fish Media forum with a view to buying one he builds. The SB's internal DAC benefitted greatly from a decent supply. However, when I added an external DAC I found that there was no improvement gained by using an external PSU. It appeares that only the internal analogue signal is affected and better gains are achieved by adding an off-board DAC.

I'll confess to being a little suprised at this as I believe mains optomisation is one of the biggest factors in getting the most out of your hi-fi.

2005-04-17, 02:38
It was Tom's thread on PFM that got me into the SB. But my experience differs a little as I found a good linear PSU worked with the internal DAC and external DAC very well, the improvment to my ears was very marked.

2005-04-17, 14:44
it'll probably depend on the topology of the power supply and the dac being used. i use a psu from maplins with a slightly higher amp rating (4 as opposed to 1 iirc) not much difference via my dax decade but hey at least i;ve got that base covered and it only cost 20 quid.


2005-04-19, 10:48
I would like to try a 7amp 12 volt gel cell with a voltage regulator to maintain 5 volts required by SB2. Anyone tried this or have a good circuit? It should lower the noise floor and may bring the analogue output up to a very high standard since the SB2 uses a PCM1730 Dac.

Phil Leigh
2005-04-19, 10:52
...for about 85ish (no idea of US export price - you'll need to email them) - check out www.russandrews.com and email them for a quote.

It certainly fixes the AM radio interference problem. You'll need to supply your own mains cable - of course, RA would like you to use one of theirs, but (IMHO) this is less of an issue with switching PSU's than linear ones.

2005-04-24, 17:37
I'm surprised that I've heard no suggestions for a US power supply builder. Is there anyone that comes to mind in North America that could build a decent PSU at a reasonable cost (say under $125)?
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