View Full Version : (Shameless plug) Selling SqueezeboxG, <2 months old

Christian Pernegger
2005-04-13, 12:23
Ordered sometime in February directly from Slim Devices and delivered
shortly thereafter ...

Wired Black Squeezebox 1 with graphical display
Including original packaging, full package contents, original invoice
and an invoice for the import duties paid. I'll ship wordwide, within
the EU shipping charge is 15 EUR flat, for rest of the world I'll have
to check. Warning: for some reason I got a cable with an Australian
mains plug, but it's the standard deal that comes with laptops and
luggable CD radios.

Description is in German but I hope you all know what this is :)


The link _should_ work, you can also try replacing the .com with your
local EBay's top domain. All further enquiries welcome but off-list