View Full Version : The New Crack - Phillips 9800i

Steve Payonzeck
2005-04-13, 08:29
>Could you not just install something like Twonky
Vision? This is a uPnP
>server that will run on Linux and others. I don't
know how uPnP works,
>but I'm guessing that the client basically pics a
file off a filesystem
>and plays it, so SlimServer's pushed method wouldn't
work anyway. >This is all guesswork though - I'm very
new to SlimServer!

Actually, for Macintosh El Gato makes a product called
EyeConnect that's in its second public beta - I don't
have any UPnP devices to test it with, but what it
does is to create a UPnP server on the computer it's
installed on, allowing one to share video (including
EyeTV recordings), music & pictures from that computer
to UPnP enabled devices.


Adding UPnP support to SlimServer would be fantastic,
but would also make a SlimPlayer or Squeezebox 'less
necessary' if you could simply play the music back
through any UPnP capable device. There's the rub.


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