View Full Version : Windows Media Connect support feasible?

2005-04-11, 16:40
So I was reading about this new D-Link player that supports Windows Media Connect, and the WMC stuff actually looks a) kinda nifty, and b) pretty obviously the future de facto standard for media devices interfacing with Windows.

SlimServer is a great piece of software (especially in its no-longer-super-buggy 6.01 incarnation), and I suspect that even if I had WMC available, I'd continue to use SlimServer; but I'm wondering (out of idle curiosity, more or less) if the Squeezebox 2 would be able to become a WMC device with a firmware upgrade. Obviously, it's not impossible to support WMC in a Squeezebox-esque device, as Roku does it now -- but is there a special WMA-supporting DSP chip you need to put in, or can you just do something like that in the kind of hardware the SB2 has available to it?

2005-04-12, 04:36
One of the reasons a colleague chose the Roku over SB was its ability to use WMC.