View Full Version : New Streaming Service from AOL/XM Sattelite

2005-04-11, 11:12
This might be more appropriate in the Plugins forum, but I guess that depends on the format for the new service. The link below is to an article regarding a new streaming service from AOL and XM Satellite. I'm posting it because I have seen several posts asking if XM or Sirius make their content available on-line. Well, for XM at least the answer is yes.

"The service, which will offer about 200 channels streamed over the Web in CD-quality sound for a monthly fee, will combine existing stations from both partners and will begin to roll out this summer.

The service, which will cost an estimated $5 a month, will be available for free to AOL's current paying subscribers. AOL is a unit of Time Warner Inc. , the world's largest media company.

XM Radio subscribers will have access only to XM's online stations, but some AOL programing will be available on XM's stations."

Hope it can work with the SB.