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2005-04-10, 09:23
Using Slimserver 6.0.1 - trunk on Ubuntu linux (Debian!). Player is SB2.

When browsing music MP3 folders that contain cue sheets, the last MP3 in each folder refuses to be listed/played by the Slimserver. If I delete the cue sheet, all MP3s list correctly (and PLAY!) in the folder.

I do not see any of this weirdness with folders that contain FLACs and cue sheets.

Somebody will ask why I have cue sheets in folders of separate MP3s. It's because EAC creates them. Don't wanna delete them unless I absolutely have to.

Also, this behaviour has not been fixed by the latest nightly.

Any ideas anyone? Thanks in advance. Y'all are wonderful here. :-)

2005-04-10, 09:47
I'd recommend archiving the cue sheets off to a separate directory tree or possibly giving them a separate set of file permissions so that the slimserver process can't read them.

It has been problematic in many cases to have more than one object pointing to the same file or more than one piece of metadata referring to the same object. It is simpler to reduce to just one object.

2005-04-10, 19:30
Many thanks! I will try...

2005-04-10, 20:23