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2005-04-09, 23:31
First, congratulations to the team at Slim Devices for their successful launch of the the Squeezebox 2. It is really wonderful -- I'm enjoying it tremendously.

Here are some possible items to include in the next round of updates to Slim Devices Picks (I have all of these on my server, but I think that at least some of them would be popular enough to merit inclusion on the official Picks list):

First priority:

*WFMU -- a free-form radio station in New Jersey streaming mp3 at 128k with a wide following. I was frankly surprised this wasn't already on the list

*WNYC-AM -- while WNYC-FM is on the list, WNYC-AM with its news/talk format isn't yet on -- yet it is a great source for a broad variety of public radio materials

*Resonance FM -- according to them, London's first art radio station.

Second priority (some of these streaming mp3 stations may merit inclusion as well):

*DNA Lounge (live music from a San Francisco night club)

*Japan-A-Radio (Japanese radio)

*High Plains Public Radio

*KBAQ classical

*KBCS folk

*KBEM jazz

*KCSN "roots radio"

*KEXP free form radio

*KFJC free form (128k stream!)

*KKJZ jazz

*KNAU NPR and classical

*KUHF NPR and classical

*KUSC 96k streaming classical (public)

*KXLU free form

*Radio Prague international

*Spam Radio (just for fun)

*WFUV folk and roots

*WKCR free form radio

*WSHU (two public radio streams, one classical music, the other news)

*WYEP folk, community

I hope that these suggestions might be considered -- I think that at least some of these radio stations would enjoy a devoted listenership through Slim Devices Picks.