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2005-04-09, 08:52
Just interested to know how you guys have your music setup?

I have a 200gb drive full of mp3's currently on my personal PC. My Squeezbox2 will be living in the kitchen where I have a network (cable) running to. Currently I only have two rooms networked and all cables meet in a cupboard. My plan is to build a house server (to go in the cupboard) which will be home to my music collection and serve most of the rooms in the house.

What do you guys do?

2005-04-09, 10:14
I have a Dell Precision 210, with two PIII 450s that I bought for 20 quid off a mate. This is headless, runs Debian testing and has a 200GB disk. I'm hoping to put this in the loft, but need to wire it first. On this I'm stuffing all my albums in FLAC format, ripped using EAC. I have a wireless network comprising of a laptop and a PC, both of which run SoftSqueeze. I have an SB2 wireless on order that will connect to the hi-fi in the lounge, but that's not arrived yet. :-( In the future I'll probably buy another SB2 and put it in my bedroom along with some powered speakers.

2005-04-09, 16:01
Fortunatly I have networked my home when I bought it years ago. Now my music server is a HP e-PC 40 (an e-bay auction of 160 euro) with a new hard disk of 120Gb already full :-( in my bedroom (it's quite inudible). The computer don't have keyboard,mouse and monitor: I use "remote desktop" software to work on it.
My Squeezebox (wired) is on the top of my stereo in another room and wired in digital with my HT receiver.
I suggest to everyone to use a dedicated computer as server for Squeezebox.
(Sorry for my english not so good)
Bye, Riccardo

2005-04-09, 16:49
Right now no dedicated server - everything running from a single Windows XP Pro machine that is my everyday driver - P4 3.0GHz with 1 GB ECC RAM and three 200 GB drives. I maintain parallel FLAC & MP3 music directories. I rip everything to WAV using EAC and queue the encoding for late at night. I schedule a vbs script that I've written to encode the WAVs to both FLAC and MP3, tagging the files and then deleting the WAV. I only play the FLAC library on the Squeezebox. The MP3 library is for portable devices and car stereo once I install an MP3 capable deck.

I have a D-Link DWL-2100AP 802.11g access point in my home office and use my SB1 wirelessly. The Squeezebox is in my main system in the living room adjacent to the home office, so I seldom if ever use the remote to control the Squeebox - just the web interface. The Squeezebox is connected to the stereo via its coax digital out to a Channel Islands Audio VDA-1 DAC with VAC-1 power supply.

A wireless Squeezebox2 on order will be used wirelessly also, in my bedroom music system, ideally without an external DAC. I'll probably replace the SB1 with another SB2 and will some day also build a dedicated music server, though I haven't decided if it will run Windows or Linux as the OS.
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Mike Hanson
2005-04-10, 02:59
I've got two wired Squeezeboxes, one SB1 and one SB2.

They're fed by a dedicated server (Pentium 4/1.6GHz) running Windows 2000 Pro, with a 13GB HDD two 200GB Seagate HDD's for music storage (plus another two 200GB drives in removable trays for backup). Music is stored in FLAC format. The unit sits in the closet, and is controlled remotely using RealVNC.

The SB2 is going downstairs in my music room. It will use an external DAC (probably a Scott Nixon Chibi Saru or perhaps a Benchmark DAC1). Amplification is a Naim NAC52 pre-amp powered by a Naim Super-Cap power supply, and two Naim NAP135 power amps. Speakers are Royd RR3.

The SB1 will be used upstairs in my office. There I have a Naim NAC102 pre-amp powered by a Naim SNAPS2 and MyNAPSC, and a Naim NAP110 stereo power-amp. Speakers are Royd Merlin. For headphone listening in my office, I have Naim Headline powered by another SNAPS2. Headphones are either AKG K240DF or Sennheiser HD330 (depending on which feels more comfortable at the moment).

I'm building custom power supplies to feed the SB's and DAC's, although I'm a ways off completing those (too many hobbies and various other responsibilities).

-=> Mike Hanson <=-

Stuart Mason
2005-04-11, 05:23

I've just the one SB (SB1-G), wirelessly connected to a dedicated WinXP server (P3, 850Mhz, 500MB Ram, 300GB HD). Currently have a touch under 500 discs ripped to the server, not too many left to rip now, all in FLAC at max compression.

The SB feeds a Non-oversampling DAC which in turn feeds a Rega Cursa/Maia pre/power setup into Klipsch Heresy II speakers. The SB/DAC combination has successfully replaced my Rega Planet CDP for digital duties, but is still kept in its place by an LP12.

I'll eventually crack and order a SB2 to replace the older model in the main system, and assemble a bedroom system with the old SB.



2005-04-11, 07:11

I have a home-built server: P4, 3.0GHz / 1024Mb ram on an ASUS P4C800E, dedicated to audio and video. This machine runs WinXP Pro, has a 2 SATA disk Raid-0 (400Gb) and a separate SATA disk for the OS and temp directories (200Gb). A Hauppauge PVR150 card receives TV for pvr purposes. The server runs Slimserver for audiostreaming and Hauppauge MVPmedia for videostreaming. And runs MusicMagic for audio playlist generation. The system further contains a DVD writer and a CD reader for ripping (EAC for FLAC, Audiograbber for MP3). I have a growing collection of 6000+ songs, 15% FLAC and 85% MP3 (224 / 256 / 320 kbps). The FLAC portion is growing and the MP3 portion is shrinking.

The server is connected to my 100Mb switched LAN. From the LAN via an IPCOP router to a Linksys WAP54G on a second segment and the internet on a third. On the other end of the wireless link is an SB1. (an SB2 is in the mail). The sb1 is connected to a Quad 34 pre-amplifier, which is connected to a very nicely refurbished Quad 405-II that makes itself heard via my latest acquisition, two brand-new and shiny Quad 22L loudspeakers.

And this all sounds very, very good to my ears (and only drops out when the microwave is on ;-).

As my office is 'en suite' to the living room I also control the Squeezebox during the day via its web interface from my workstation. Sounds much better than SoftSqueeze via two 15,- Labtec speakers.

Projects under way are ripping all my LP's (which I still have found no acceptable procedure for) and getting rid of the Quad FM4 tuner to make way for a DAB receiver connected to the server to get radio to the Squeezeboxes.


2005-04-11, 10:49
This machine runs WinXP Pro, has a 2 SATA disk Raid-0 (400Gb) and a separate SATA disk for the OS and temp directories (200Gb).
Why in the world are you running the data volume using RAID0?
maryjane (http://maryjanes.info)

2005-04-11, 13:01

60% of that data volume is used for video. Files that are read, modified and written. Raid0 makes for a faster drive. It also crossed my mind that for my audio files this is a useless feature :-)


John Stimson
2005-04-12, 23:03
There sure are a lot of details about networking hardware for a "music setup" thread in the "audiophiles" forum!

Take it as granted that my house is wired with CAT-5 and I can get a cable over to where my stereo is.

All my CDs have been stored in FLAC format on my always-on Linux server which runs slimserver. I used CDex with the "full paranoia" setting to rip them.

I have a Squeezebox2 (wired) which feeds an MSB "Nelson" Link III DAC via the coaxial digital output. The MSB DAC is hooked up to an active crossover with volume control and source selector that I built myself, which feeds the 6 channels of a Classe CAV-75 power amp, which runs the tweeters, midranges, and woofers of my home built 3-way speakers. The speakers are a ported-box design and use Audio Concepts 10" woofers, Vifa 5" midranges, and Focal 1" Ti oxide tweeters. -3dB is at around 30Hz.

2005-04-13, 02:45
24x365 win 2000 pro server (1.2Ghz Duron, 512MB) running SlimServ and DABBAR (DAB radio i/f for Psion Wavefinder - old wavefinder drivers so I can stream mix of BBC stations simultaneously), 400GB Raid 0+1, all CDs ripped to FLAC. Network is mix of wired, and wireless B & G via a Linksys WRT54G with Satori firmware. Also use Digiguide with Paul Webster's DABDIG so I can record radio from Wavefinder for later replay (appears in Slim Serv after nightly re-scan).

SB1 in bedroom to cheap PC powered speakers stolen from son as alarm clock and go to sleep music. Will upgrade this.
SBG in sun room coupled to LINN Classic / PMC DB1s.
Softsqueeze on my home office PC.

to do - more wired network, SB2 upgrades - linked to main stereo in lounge (maybe via NOSDAC), and roll out of whole house audio - thinking of SBs, Sonic Impact T-amps and ceiling speakers if I can get the SB's to switch amp power on and off. Maybe will use XPL to coordinate (haven't tried this yet).


2005-04-13, 14:36
Well, I sold my SB1. I'm debating replacing it with an SB2 (probably will; seems to be the best option for me).

Assuming that, I'll have (again) my main desktop that runs the slimserver:
-Athlon 3800+
-Gig RAM
-2 RAID0 74GB 10000rpm hdds.

I store my music in two forms:
-lossless WMA (which I'll convert to FLAC if I get the SB2)
-160kbs MP3 for portable devices.

Stream wireless to SB2.

Lower end Yamaha receiver (HTR-5640)

Klipsch speakers all around.

Center: KV-3

Mains: KG 5.2

Rears: KG-2.2V

I don't have a sub at the moment, as I live in an apartment complex and the mains shake the walls too much as it is. My father and I will do a custom job on that when I get my own house :)

Phil Leigh
2005-04-14, 12:10
26,000 Flacs (EAC)
Wired SB2 (Russ Andrews PSU)
kimber d60 digital coax
Altmann JISCO - jitter scrambler (RA PSU)
Altmann UPCI - replacement 44.1kHz clock (RA PSU)
TACT 2.2x room correction (L+R main only) + custom PSU
kimber d60 digital coax
Musical Fidelity X-DAC v3 + X-PSU
Chord Signature phono cable
Linn 5103 dts + RA reference mains lead
Chord Anthem phono cable x6 (5103 to amps)
Linn Espek+ceramic bases (Linn LK140 x3+Aktiv x-over cards L+R main)
Linn Trikan (Linn LK140+Aktiv x-over card - centre)
Linn Katans (Linn LK140 x2+Aktiv x-over cards - rears)
Linn Seismik sub
Townshend Supertweeters
Sony 775 dvd digital out to 5103, RA video only scarts

Sky+ with 160gb disk (digital out to 5103, RA video only scarts)
Sony wega 32 crt
All speaker cable is kimber 8tc
All RA reference mains cables + mains blocks + filters
All contacts treated with caig de-oxit + Walker silver contact enhancer
wireless Ipaq for sb2 web i/f control + Linn learning remote for control of sb+audio+dvd

Altmann boxes bought to sort out original SB1 jitter/clock problems - may be less useful with SB2...listening tests ongoing
SB2 clearly better than SB1...
next upgrade...sony hdtv lcd and Arcam dvd

2005-04-14, 14:11
p4 2.8ghz-e w/1gb of ram, 1TB of storage (not full of flacs yet but maybe eventually), fedora core 2

wireless sb2 -(analog)-> rogue audio tempest ii -> von schweikert vr-2

wired sb1g -> rotel rsp-1066 & rotel rmb-1075 -> b&w 600 series, hsu research vtf-3mkii

wired sb1g -> m-audio bx-5 (active)

Tom Alves
2005-04-16, 05:01
A dedicated P4 2.8ghz/512mb ram/80gb+400gb storage
SB1 (with SB2 on order)
Rega P9/RB1000/DV XX-2/DV P-75 turntable & phonstage
Naim 52 pre
2 x Naim 250 power
active SBL speakers

and dedicated RKR optimised mains set up. ;)

2005-04-16, 09:21
I am running SlimServer on an old Compaq Evo N600c laptop in my home office, and using EAC to rip FLAC's from the laptop (via wired ethernet) to a Buffalo 300 GB Linkstation (connected to a Linksys BEFW11S4 router located in my Master BR closet). My SB2 is in my Family Room, connected via Wireless B, feeding a Yamaha RX-V1000 (as Pre/Pro) with pre-outs to a Sunfire Cinema Grand 200 amp, driving Martin-Logan Aerius i's.

I have about 800 CD's to rip, and can casually do so while working in my home office. Eventually, I plan to get a 2nd SB2 in my Master Bedroom, with powered speakers.

2005-04-17, 16:19
I run a Hush mini-itx fanless headless server (via eden 1.2Ghz CPU) which is currently installed with 160Gb Hard drive. Mandrake 10 OS and Slimserver.

In the process of ripping my CDs to FLAC (up to about M so far!) but it looks like I might run out of disk :-(

The Hush has an SB Audigy 2 rather than the onboard sound card as this gives better isolation from random machine noise and has a better SNR. It feeds (analogue) my Linn Classic.

The plan was to run a media server with a local player for the main stereo, and use Squeezeboxen elsewhere especially as at the time the SB did not have the audio spec I was looking for. For this I have been using softsqueeze but I am finding that increasingly this is simply too slow (given my relatively low speed CPU). I am therefore currently in the process of writing a standalone headless client.

The next upgrade will have to be to the Linn. I need something with a digital input really. An SB2 might however be the better short term investment as this will take any noise introduced by the Hush out of the signal path.

2005-04-19, 19:59
SS6.0 running on FreeBSD5.3, on a budget Barebones off-the-discount shelf, 250GB HD,P4 3ghz, 512mb (basically not brand name). Use rip.sourceforge.net + cdparanoia to rip to flac. Approx 600 CDs, rip as I want to listen to them on my SB2. Got about 30 done. No rush. I'll get round to backing up.

Wired SB1 in family room, optical-digital to Dennon AVR5801 HT receiver, with Boston-Acoustic VR975s for casual listening during Keggers, etc..

Wireless SB2 (platinum, btw) in the bedroom, analog to Rotel RA-1060 integrated power amp, B&W CM2 6.0 speakers, Rel Q150E sub; for my serious listening (at least on my budget).

Of course some networking gear is required. a Juniper NS-5GT-adsl-wireless does all the wireless/wired, routing, switching, security and Internet-access for the whole network.

2005-04-20, 13:56
A 1U 19" rack custom server with a VIA Epia-M10000 board and Mandrake 10.1 as OS. Hardisk: 2x 80GB plus 1x 200GB (all Seagate, very quiet and reliable!). 512MB RAM.

The performance of the server could be better, but at least the power consumtion is relatively low (max 40W).

The house has some CAT-5 wired rooms as well as 2 102.11b/g access points and with 1 additional switch and some other network equipment.

SlimServer: 6.0.1 with 10324 tracks, most of those normal mp3 files.

I have a Squeezebox 1 and a Squeezebox 2 which arrived today, which doesn't seem work on my WPA encrypted WLAN network. :-(

2005-04-21, 03:03
Dedicated p2 400, 360mb ram, 500gb hdd, win xp server.
Wired SB2
Audio Synthesis Dax Decade.
Amps are in flux but currently Naim nap 250, Vincent spt-100 and Vincent sp-993.
Speakers are home built IPL s5tl's.

also have an sb1 and behringer ultramatch lurking unused at present


2005-04-23, 22:11
Dell PowerEdge SC420 P2.8 256MB XPpro 2 x 160GB Sata
Benchmark DAC-1
Audio Research LS-16mkII
Audio Research 150.2
Rega Planet
Musical Surroundings Phonomena w/ Battery Supply
Basis 1400
w/ OriginLive Silver 250
w/ ClearAudio sigma
Revox B215
Nakamichi RX-505

2005-04-27, 11:15
Interesting thread!

Slim Server:
- Home made PC (2.4c P4, 1GB RAM, 500GB or so space)
- 802.11G home w-lan

My regular setup:
- SB2 wireless
- Bose Companion 2 powered speakers

If connected to my music setup:
- SB2 wireless
- MSB LinkDAC III with 96KHz upsampling mod
- F.T. Audio LW2S passive preamp
- Marsh A400s power amp
- B&W 804 speakers
- REL Strata III sub-bass
- Silver Audio SB4.0 interconnects
- Analysis Plus Oval 9 speaker cables

2005-05-04, 10:13

rather than bore you all to death with a list of equipment, please check out my mcintosh website: http://alumni.cse.ucsc.edu/~sherman

i show off all my mac gear, and feature the squeezebox under the "home built digital music server" section. there is alot more to it than just the squeezebox, but that's the heart and brains of the setup.

i fully admit to being extremely geeky about audio, and was thrilled to discover the squeezebox! wish i'd learned of it long ago. better late than never. :-)