View Full Version : Cosmetic bug with RadioIO/SB2

2005-04-09, 06:53
I just got my SB2 (very exciting!) and for the first time played radioIO on it this morning. I usually have my squeezeboxen set to the "progress meter with time remaining" mode in now playing, but usually when playing a streaming feed it (logically) disables those displays. Now, when I selected the station it brought up the track name, and, seemingly randomly decided it was about 6:10 long. I've been playing now for nearly 20 mins and it's showing the progress bar as full, and the current remaining time as "--11:-48". Which is a little crazy :)

I'm not sure if this is a 6.0 issue or a SB2 issue - I need to try it on my SBG, which I will do later.

2005-04-09, 13:45
FYI - I just checked my SBG and it worked fine, so this seems to be a SB2 only problem.