View Full Version : Slight Pause as Songs Begin

2005-04-08, 23:35
this is driving me crazy. when a song starts, it will play for a few seconds, then there will be about a 1 second pause, then it will begin again. i've noticed that it doesn't happen at all with mp3 files but happens EVERY time and with every song with Apple Lossless files. I've had the SB for about 2 months now and it has been flawless until this started about a week and a half ago. please help.

2005-04-11, 11:23
am i the only person with this problem?

2005-12-09, 21:29
No I have this problem also but it happens with mp3 files as well.

2005-12-10, 08:35
try and check out this solution...



2005-12-11, 04:42
I have noticed a very short repeat on the beginning of MP4 type files. Normally this occurs during the opening silence and goes un-noticed but it is obvious if you attempt to play gapless tracks. I now encode to ogg as after extensive listening I have noticed other issues with MP4.

This has nothing to do with wireless as it even happens running softsqueeze directly on the server. Haven't noticed it so far on MP3 files but I hardly ever use them so this is not surprising