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David Lutz
2005-04-07, 23:03
My Squeezebox2 recently arrived and to celebrate I went out and got a
Universal Remote (Sony RM-VL700S) to control both the Squeezebox2 and my
amp/receiver. I carefully followed the directions that came with the
remote to set the DVD key to be a JVC DVD, verified in the player
settings that I had both Slim_Devices_Remote and jvc_dvd boxes checked,
pointed the remote at my Squeezebox2 and started clicking. Nothing
happened. I have turned on the d_ir, d_irtms and d_slimproto debugging
flags. When I use the included remote I see the irCode come through the
logs and I even see the IR packets logged by d_slimproto, using the
universal remote, I get nothing. No IR packets logged by d_slimproto or
irCodes logged by d_ir. I am trying to figure out if this is a problem
with me, the new remote or squeezebox2 (at the moment I figure they are
all equally likely). I am currently using v6.0.1 with firmware 9, but I
saw the same thing last night with v6.0 and firmware 8.

Has anybody else seen this behavior? Is anybody else trying to use a
JVC DVD remote (or other universal remote) to control their squeezebox2?

This particular remote is a learning remote and I have been able to
train it to mimic the included remote so I can get full functionality,
but I am lacking a bit of extra convienence I was hoping for. I would
like to be able to hack the .ir file a bit and add a bit more
functionality for some of the extra keys on the remote, but it looks
like the squeezebox is carefully hording the IR codes and only passing
the slim devices ones on to the server.

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Darren Butler
2005-04-10, 02:02
I control my Squeezebox 1 using a One For All Kameleon 6. The Kameleon's DVD control is set to control a JVC DVD player with code set 0623. Just using this code I can control most Squeezebox functions apart from textsize, add and volume. The only real problem is the lack of the add button so I trained the record button on the Kameleon to do this.

I prefer this set up to the original Slim remote, I found the original remote inadvertently controlled my PVR and Video. Does anyone know why this happens? As I have a habit of listening to the squeezebox whilst watching TV this was inconvenient.

2005-04-10, 20:15
I am seeing the same thing. My Squeezebox2 does not respond as a JVC DVD to my universal remote. And, yes, jvc_dvd is checked in the remote box on the web interface. Any ideas?

2005-09-15, 22:37
Any luck with this issue. I can not get the jvc dvd codes to work.code 006 and 011 with denon 1604 universal. had no problem with same remote and squeezebox 1.

Patrick Dixon
2005-09-16, 00:30
IIRC, JVC remote codes are broken in 6.0 and 6.01 (and all of the more recent releases).

I think you will need to download the latest nightly for them to work.

2005-09-16, 12:28
These features are working in the latest nightlies.