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Jim Forsythe
2005-04-07, 18:26
Sorry, I meant to include this info. I am running on Redhat
Linux 9.0. The MusicMagic version is The java
version is 1.5.0-2.


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> * Jim Forsythe shaped the electrons to say...
> >Just got my squeezebox2 last week and have been very
> impressed with it.
> >I've been playing with plugins, but have not gotten
> MusicMagic to work
> >for some reason. I can get it talking to the server and to the
> >squeezebox, and generate a musicmagic playlist by holding
> down the play
> >button. But very soon after that the server locks up. If
> you attempt
> >to refresh the web page or click on any selection, it just
> sits there.
> >Meanwhile the squeeze box keeps playing till the buffer runs
> out, but
> >is not responsive to the remote. Any ideas would be appreciated.
> >Don't know if this is a problem with MusicMagic or slimserver. I
> >started with the 6.0-1 server, and have done the last couple
> of nightly
> >builds including the 6.1 one.
> Jim - what OS are you running? And what version of Music Magic?
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