View Full Version : Gentoo + slimserver 6.0.1 + alienBBC 0.97 works out of thebox

Chris Musson
2005-04-07, 15:14
There's been many posts of problem combinations of software but I'd like
to report a successful combination that works perfectly:

Gentoo linux (Mostly "x86" but all perl is "~x86") plus slimserver 6.0.1
(tar.gz source version) plus alienBBC 0.97 works "out of the box".

This is to a Squeezebox v1.

Well done to all involved.

Now, when I eventually get my Squeezebox2 from Multitask, it will be

Dear Mr Slim Devices. Please can you send a batch of Squeezebox2 to
Multitask asap?


Chris Musson

2005-04-12, 02:31
With a bit more effort I have now got Slimserver 6.01 and AlienBBC 0.97 installed.

Turns out that untar'ing the latest version worked, although I am still using the ebuild's startup script.

A couple of things that I found:
even though Slimserver is deployed with binaries I still got the error message about binaries not found. It was easier to run the build-modules script than try to move the .so files around.

Alien BBC when untar'ed over the top of SS has the files 'owned' by Administrator, so I had to 'chown' the AlienBBC stuff before it would work

Some of the other plugins had to be chmod'd to set them as executable

After all that Slimserver is up and running with no problems