View Full Version : Update Can not view songs under albums unless I play album

David Makoski
2005-04-06, 16:55
Performed the following steps:
> - set your music folder to a blank string and click
> - wait a couple of minutes, close SlimServer
> - stop the SlimServer service (click start, click
run, type in
> 'services.msc' and hit enter. find SlimServer,
click it and click
> stop on the left)
> - move slimserversql.db out of C:\Program
> Files\SlimServer\server\Cache\
> - restart the SlimServer service
> - restart the SlimServer application
Plus re-added E:\Music to my music folder.

Most of the songs under albums returned, but not all.

Example John Lennon Very Best of now shows songs #1,
#10, and #12. No others.