View Full Version : New Music date ordering

Philip Meyer
2005-04-06, 14:56
I have been using the "New Music" browse method quite a lot recently to find music that I have recently ripped to my music collection. By and large, this works really well.

However, my SO has just become interested in learning how to use the Squeezebox, so a while back I added a shortcut to her music folder into the SqueezeBox music folder. She also uses Windows Media Player to rip CDs to the hard disk, and sync them to an MP3 device.

I just looked at the "New Music" list to discover that teh majority of her music has recently appeared at the top of the list. This is a bit of a pain, in that a lot of the music has actually been on the hard disk for "donkeys years" - it's not really "New Music".

I am guessing that WMP has updated the MP3 files with tag information gathered from the internet (I need to check this behaviour as I thought that it only updated tags in its own database, not the actual .mp3 files).

Looking at one of the example files, it has a creation date from a few years back, but it has a modification date of yesterday. The music is the same - I'm guessing the tags were automatically updated, causing the modification date to be touched.

It would seem to be a good idea for the "New Music" facility to be driven by the creation date, not modification date. I'm not really interested if some tags get amended; the music is the same. Alternatively, perhaps a new config item could be added to the Behaviour settings, to select which timestamp to use for determining the "New Music" list.

Do you consider this a bug, or an enhancement request?